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Travel Guard Insurance!

We highly recommend Travel Guard insurance for any of your trips!

1. Did you know that often your own insurance does not cover any medical problems that you might encounter outside of the U.S?

2. Have you ever had a flight delayed more than 6 hours and had to cover hotel or other expenses?

3. has the airline ever lost any of your baggage? Did you need to purchase essential items when it still wasn't returned after 24 hours?

4. have you ever had to cancel a trip because of sickness or an accident?

You need to check on your own insurance BEFORE taking that trip!

  • Trip cancellation or interuption
  • Travel delay
  • Medical problems
  • Baggage & travel documents loss or baggage delay

Travel Guard Insurance will cover these problems for you if you have taken out their insurance within 15 days of the initial booking.

Check out Travel Guard for youself! Just click the above link for more information, pricing and to book online!